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The AV Industry Brands



Founded in 1938, Elipson is the oldest brand specialising in the manufacture of top-of-the-range French loudspeakers. Over 60 patents later, Elipson has carved out a place for itself in the world of acoustics thanks to a number of now-iconic speakers.


Through its recognised expertise in the world of hi-fi furniture and high-fidelity connectors, Norstone offers a wide range of products for audiophiles. Norstone's universe is made up of technical solutions at the service of aesthetics, with a constant desire to meet the needs of music and video enthusiasts.



With a wide range of screens to suit many different situations, Lumene's aim is to offer the very best technology in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible. Our ongoing technological research enables us to offer you acoustic projection screens, curved format screens and screens with the latest ultra-bright solutions for projection even in bright environments.


Since 1996, Tangent has been creating unique audio products that seduce with both their design and their sound. They have won numerous international tests, as well as thousands of hearts. So whichever Tangent product you choose, you can be sure of uncompromising sound, characterful design and ease of use.



Discover Eltax, the Danish audio brand renowned for its affordable, high-performance speakers and home cinema systems. With an elegant Scandinavian design, Eltax offers exceptional sound quality at a moderate price.


At WiiM, we believe in the unifying power of music, transcending cultural boundaries. Our team of music lovers combines audio expertise with passion. We are committed to making high-fidelity music accessible to all, thanks to our expertise in developing audio streaming software and hardware.



Instaal embodies simplicity and efficiency with its classic and affordable range of large screens. Our three products cater to the primary needs of customers, whether it's a classic, motorized, or portable screen. Equipped with quality fabric and sturdy metal casing, our screens offer unbeatable value for money. Instaal is the ideal solution for those seeking effective and affordable products.


ATECA, the French leader in TV and hi-fi furniture since 1960, offers innovative and functional designs perfectly suited to flat screens and audiovisual technologies. Our furniture stands out for its elegant design, impeccable craftsmanship, and ability to anticipate market trends. Always at the forefront of innovation, ATECA provides cutting-edge solutions that combine technology, aesthetics, and durability, delivering an exceptional experience for our customers in the world of contemporary furniture.

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